Six takeaways from the birthday boy KTR

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao one of the most cherished leader of the modern times is ageing gracefully and nothing can dim the light that shines from within. July 24, 2017 is the birthday of KTR and only he can make 41 look this good. We wish the leader a very happy birthday. Here we list out the exceptional qualities of ‘the son of the soil’ who is paving way for new generation of politics – Messiah of people The number of times KTR turned a messiah for anyone reaching out to him has only snowballed since last year. Despite a busy schedule, being kind hearted and ensuring the well-being of people is critical to become a leader of masses. Be it helping a struggling artist or old woman or road accident victims or NRI Kidney patient or heavily pregnant lady, he is always there to help. Wherever there is an opportunity for thoughtfulness, KTR is there. Supports dreams of local talent What CyberTowers was to IT sector, T-hub is for Startups in Telangana. When one is supporting local talent, they are supporting dreams. There are numerous startups in Hyderabad that cannot thank KTR enough for encouraging the very idea of startup. It is because of his promotions and policies, parents who wanted their kids to be in 9am-6pm jobs, are now encouraging them to be entrepreneurs. Not to forget the unique way in which he went ahead with the promotions of handloom with hashtags and tagging his friends to wear handloom. Ever since he started Handloom Monday’s, he has been religiously following it. Niche practices in business During the Telangana agitation in the united Andhra Pradesh, people were worried about the brand image of IT in Hyderabad. At first people asked as to how KTR is going to go about with IT in Hyderabad. Now they ask him – how he is doing it all. In span of three years, the state not only recovered but has been thronged with investments due to the TS-iPass policy. How can anyone forget KTR’s famous line “I will try to Meet or Beat the best offer”. He removed the L from Learn and earned the trust of business. Bromance with Asad and Pawan Worst of fears come true when politicians of different parties come under one umbrella. But the way KTR works is distinctive. He is the kind the future generations can look up to. Be it playing basketball with Asaduddin Owaisi or addressing him “Asad Bhai”, the duos bromance strikes a chord with the younger generations. The bonhomie between the KTR and Pawan Kalyan was a treat for people and lesson for the so-called successors who think they are all that and a bag of chips. Opens the door using communication KTR has an edge on the languages he speaks. When he is at a public address, he is the Ramanna who is speaking in Telugu fluently and has full attention of the audience. When he is speaking to investors, he means serious business. There is hardly any mother tongue influence on his English. He seems to have become an expert at carving every word before he lets it out. Example for Work-Life Balance Being a minister with several portfolios and son of the Chief Minister, the expectations from him are colossal. He is one of the very few politicians who has a career and a quality life. Work Life Balance is a regular complaint from almost everybody, but KTR finds a happy balance between family, friends and work. He attends the PTA Meeting, watches cricket, reviews movies and finally lets his work speak. In the words of his favorite comic Calvin and Hobbes, we hope his “life overall should be more glamorous, thrill-packed and filled with applause”

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