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The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) and the department of space (Dos) on Thursday reiterated that the country’s space reforms are not aimed at privatisation of Isro as felt by a section of people.
Reiterating the importance of the space sector reforms — which will allow enhanced private industry participation — Isro chairman K Sivan said: “I want to say again that this won’t mean that Isro is being privatised. That is a misconception and I want to assure you that Isro will continue to work as it has been.”
Uma Maheshwaran, scientific secretary to Isro, while also stressing on the fact that there is no proposal to privatise Isro, added that what the reforms home to achieve is to see private participation in end-to-end space activity.
“Isro will continue to focus on new technology development, share its facilities with private sector, enable them to utilise existing infrastructurem” Maheshwaran said.
Sivan said that Isro has its eye set on all destination in inner space and added: “Isro is not being privatised. That is a misconception. Activities of Isro will be able to better utilise its resources in taking up capacity building and developmental activities.”

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