Celebs SIT Interrogation: Dress Code & Muhurat!

Have you noticed the common point among the Film Celebrities who faced interrogation of Special Investigation Team (SIT) so far. All the Five Tollywood Personalities (Puri, Shyam K Naidu, Subbaraju, Tarun, Navdeep) had arrived to the Excise Office wearing formal shirts. All of them, except Cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, wore white shirts. Are these Film Personalities following a certain dress code? Were the Celebs conveying that they are clean with their dressing sense? It could just be a coincidence or pre-planned!

If the buzz is true, Few Celebrities have been performing special pujas, visiting temples and reaching the Excise Office as per the muhurat fixed by Pundits. Though SIT allotted mostly the 10 AM slot, Few Celebs arrived for the questioning a bit too early.

Once again, It’s been proven that Film Celebs and Sentiments go hand-in-hand. Can these Prayers & Auspicious Muhurats save the celebs from drugs scandal?

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