Akun Sabharwal Press Meet: All Doubts Answered!

Excise Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal convened a press conference on Monday evening to clarify all the questions related to the drug racket case.

Progress of Drugs Scandal Case: ‘Excise Department have all the powers as per Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act 1985. NDPS Act isn’t about buying or selling drugs. Buying, Selling, Possession, Storing & Suggestion others to consuming Drugs will be treated as Crime. This GO has been issued in June 2016. We have been proceeding as per Law. So far, 7 Cases have been filed & 19 People were arrested. Roney Joseph (Kajal’s Manager) has been taken into custody & Narcotic Drugs at his residence is seized. We have questioned 27 persons till date. Only 5 Film Celebs were interrogated so far.

Allegations of targeting Film Industry: ‘It’s not true that Film Industry is being targeted. Same treatment has been offered to everyone & there is no discrimination at all. All principles of Law have been followed during Investigation…No side tracks what-so-ever. We are following best interviewing techniques across the World during interrogation. We have been video recording the questioning from start to finish. A 4-Member Team is carrying out the interrogation. Doctor will be present daily and medical examination is being done depending on the requirement. Till Yesterday, We took blood samples, hair strands and nails of two persons. Doctor was called to collect them only after the written consent of the person appeared for interrogation. If somebody refuses, We would mention about it in case dairy. Later, Court will decide what should be done’.

Keeping the identity of Minors involved in Drug Racket as a Secret: ‘Few People question why names of School Children aren’t revealed. Why because, Their career would be destroyed if we do that! We have been counselling the Students & Parents. Imagine if our kids are in that situation…it’s a painful thing! So, We don’t reveal those names’.

Pubs, Bars & Hotels under Scanner: ‘We have served notices to Bars & Pubs. We have even given clear instructions to Hotels Association’.

Petition moved by Charmee in High Court: ‘Two Actresses (Charmee & Mumaith Khan)…We have mentioned in the notices itself that they will be questioned wherever they want. Father of one of the two actresses told us that his Daughter would come for interrogation at Excise Office itself. We have received the acknowledgment as well. Today, A petition was moved in High Court. We have been following Supreme Court guidelines. We ourselves included a lady officer in the 5-member SIT taking part in interrogation’.

On allegations made by RGV & Few Others: ‘Lots of speculations have been doing rounds. But, Even the best lawyer in the country can’t judge correctly without seeing the case diary. Passing judgements without knowing the reality should be treated as an Offence. Targeting an individual & team is crime. We proceed legally if this isn’t stopped’.

Threat Calls: ‘Many people are concerned about my safety. Two BSF Personnel guarding me are very efficient…so, I am totally safe. There is no need to get scared of anyone’.

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